For over a decade, Pavan has imparted her peaceful energy through teaching live and virtual classes, retreats and workshops.


She has certifications in writing, holistic nutrition, various Energy work modalities including sound healing and a foundation in core Shamanism. Pavan holds an RYT and IKYTA designation as a yoga teacher, and has apprenticed with several brilliant mentors. Her interest in all of the above stemmed from a desire to connect with a deeper truth and meaning in life. Through these experiences she has forged a beautiful and creative spiritual path and enjoys being in service and sharing the journey with others!


Relaxation Therapy & Energy Work 


This is facilitated healing from a heart centered place. It is working with sound and life force energy and within multiple realms.


A grounded and profound practice of healing via connection to spirit and nature and all that is.



Yoga is having a close relationship with the breath. The breath is life and the path to so much more! Direct the breath and the body, mind and spirit will follow.

Kundalini yoga is prescriptive and a technology, it is also about awakening the energy of consciousness within. This practice supports pushing through limitations, strengthening the nervous system and cultivating a meditative mind.


Join Pavan Ravi Sirona through mantra (sound), mudras (hand positions), Pranayama (breathwork), and Asanas (the physical postures), for an uplifting experience. 

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